No Free Refills in France!

By: Angela Cote

Food in France is from another planet. I don’t think I have ever had so much fun deciding where to eat or what to eat. In short, French food is delicious. Getting to try restaurants in Strasbourg is also incredible since it is located so close to the German border. If you’re looking for authentic French cuisine one night and a German dessert the next, Strasbourg has you covered.

Sitting down at a French restaurant is an activity of its own. The French value their mealtime and I get it. What is a better way to catch up with friends or family for a few hours than over some delicious boeuf bourguignon? Oh, and would you like a drink to go with that?

The French have you covered. In fact, sometimes it can be cheaper to order a beer than a bottle of water. Maybe America is doing it all wrong! But something I am still getting used to is the end of refills on my beloved sodas. No more of that here! You order your drink, and if you are still thirsty, you buy another. But I won’t complain because most of their cokes are served in cute little glass bottles that I have come to love