Un Tout Nouveau Monde


I come from the home of the brave and the land of the free,

But come step out of your bubble and go around the world with me.

France is a great place to start, and boy is it sweet,

Close your eyes and point in a bakery to discover your new favorite treat.

Time is a suggestion, and fashion is king,

An open heart and savvy mind is all you need to bring.

Visit Paris and get used to the best wine.

It truly is a home that I could call mine

So, If you want some sound advice from me,

Si quelqu’un vous demande d’aller en France, dites simplement « oui ». 


Next stop is Germany and you better be on time,

There is no doubt you’ll find the beer sublime.

A proud people with their booming industry,

And a countryside with the most beautiful imagery.

Keep it short and to the point when you speak,

Other than that, this country is hard to critique.

Take it from me, as someone that studies law,

Wenn dich jemand bittet, nach Deutschland zu gehen, sag einfach “Ja”. 


I hope you’re ready for a boot, because Italy is the best,

From the food, the music, and all the rest.

Dine in Rome for food you’ll never forget,

Take a gondola ride in Venice and you’ll fall in love, I bet.

Shop in Milan and you’ll be a stylish fellow,

And end every night with a taste of lemon cello.

Looking for a good time, then take it from me,

Se qualcuno ti chiede di andare in Italia, dì semplicemente “sì”. 


Brussels is the hub of politics in Europe,

The street art is amazing too, just look up.

A beer town through and through,

Oh, and be sure to try the frites and beef stew.

The city is built in tiers and their history remains,

A city built with brawn and now holding the sharpest brains.

As a city it’s hard to find a flaw

Als iemand je vraagt om naar Brussel te gaan, zeg dan gewoon ‘ja’.


If these languages are hard to understand, I have some advice,

Get up and go explore instead of living in a fool’s paradise.

Travel opens doors and expands the mind,

Staying home what do you hope to find?

As for the last lines of these stanzas, have you guessed?

If someone ever asks you to go… just say yes.