Big Fish, BIG World?


Where was I when we last spoke? Ah, the “crossroads” of Europe. One of the things I have enjoyed most about the CEPA program is how they encourage travel. So far, I have been to eight countries, and whether it is the CEPA-sponsored trip to Brussels or my own excursion to Rome, each one has produced unparalleled learning moments. These learning moments go far beyond any classroom lecture. 

Managing crises on the go, communicating in different languages, and immersing yourself in cultural norms is the real-world payoff to travel. I can now say “hello, thank you, excuse me, goodbye,” and a little more in five languages. So, what has been my favorite location? Rome has been on my bucket list and did not disappoint; however, Budapest now holds the top spot for my favorite European city (outside of Strasbourg, of course). This week’s photos and the poem should give you an even better look into my travel.

The travel leads to my next topic for today, education abroad. This trip has always been about learning. And while it’s fun gallivanting around the world, the schooling part is different than in the USA. I’m glad CEPA has tried to make it fun with their excursions and surprise guests. Seeing the EU Parliament and meeting with officials from the US State Department provides networking opportunities and a tangible path to my dreams as a political science major.

The one thing I would caution people about is the end-of-term projects. They are usually over 50% of your grade (sometimes they’re 100%), and they are all due the last week of school. Choose your travel time wisely and allocate a few hours to study on the plane, train, or automobile.

Allocate time… Oh my goodness, our time together is running out too! I will try to fit everything I missed in my next post, Au Revoir!