Cultural Differences

By: Isabella Banich


I noticed a few cultural differences as soon as I arrived in Strasbourg. For one, the drinks and fast food are different! A limonade doesn’t mean lemonade, it’s more of a lemon lime soda!

Water isn’t free in restaurants either (and it’s sometimes more expensive than wine!) I would suggest bringing a water bottle and filling it at the free stations in the downtown area! (These stations don’t really exist in other cities though, so be prepared.)

The traditional “fast food” here isn’t really that fast. The best idea if you are looking for a quick bite is to order from one of the sandwich stands! (Brioche Dorée). They are usually premade in a display case and handed to you when you order. My favorite is the Thon (Tuna) sandwich.

Meals are also done quite differently here. Breakfast is a full meal, usually with lots of pastries, bread, cheese, fruit, jams, and yogurt. Lunch is a large meal with different courses consisting of a drink, a salad, and an entrée.

Dinner is the smallest with bread, cheese, and sometimes meat. Despite this, at the Château, students are usually cooking whatever they feel like at all times of the day! I usually like to make some type of quick pasta dish, or even a quick sandwich or frozen pizza!

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