Breakfast at the Château

By: Isabella Banich


I think I’m going to write this whole post about breakfast at the Château. I was a little worried when I signed up, because I don’t eat meat. I had nothing to fear though!

Breakfast is an amazing spread every day. They have a full coffee machine that will make cappuccinos and other drinks on-demand, as well as a juice bar. They have a selection of soft and sliced cheese each morning, along with some sliced meat.

The fruit is usually cut up into small cubes and served in the most adorable little dish. Sliced tomato and cucumber are also put out, and they taste nothing like they do in the states (they’re so delicious). Croissants, pain au chocolate, and sliced baguette are laid out as well. (I usually take the sliced baguette, some butter or cheese, cucumber, and tomato, and make a little open-faced sandwich)

There is also a variety of yogurt and toppings out. My favorite way to eat it is to put some granola on the bottom, strawberry yogurt, then a little jam or honey on top to sweeten it!

There’s something for everyone and no matter what you decide to eat, it’s always delicious!