A poem

Le Château Enchanté

By Kyle Kath


Fairy tales end with happily ever after but only after struggle and hassle,

The same applies to travel, so let me take you into my castle.

The floors creek and the carpet is blood red,

The children hollering at night after weddings are loud enough to wake the dead.

The roommates are best taken in small doses,

And the morning classes are worse than hypnosis.

There’s no way I can fit in here when everything is so wrong,

I can’t believe getting home will take so long.


I never realized how beautiful this place can be under the moon,

All I need is a waltz through the forest and a friend to swoon.

Breakfast starts at 7 and the air tells what they bake,

To get the pain au chocolat while it’s still warm you must wake.

A movie night turns enemies into friends and hearts from stone to flesh,

It’s France, just add wine and people start to mesh.

The piano downstairs plays and carries an upbeat tune,

When suddenly I catch myself thinking… the trip home might come too soon.


I take it all back, what I said before,

I love this place from the hideous carpet to that creeky floor.

Just ask my friends and they’ll tell you the same,

It is the perfect place to recharge after a hard day is what I proclaim.

Even the classes are starting to come around,

I looked for problems and answers are all I have found.

From high on the 4th floor of this castle I see clearly what is below,

Ma maison est la château.