Big Fish, Small World

Bonjour, I’m Kyle! I’m a traveler, a foodie, a little bit of a poet, and a non-traditional student enjoying a semester abroad in France thanks to the Cultural and Educational Programs Abroad Foundation. “Non-traditional,” what does that mean? Well, it defines me in every aspect, especially around other college students. I am older than most of my peers by about a decade, and honestly, I feel more at home by myself walking around in a foreign country than I do when I’m around my American compatriots. More about me will trickle through in the following posts. Now, let us begin with the travel adventures!

I have been in Alsace for about a month. I am continuously unprepared for the beautiful scenery. Every corner you turn leads to a view you can sell on a postcard. Furthermore, after walking around Strasbourg for some time, you can almost stumble upon their famous landmark Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg. This structure is over 400 feet tall and will leave you in awe while you gaze at the architecture carved into the limestone. That was a breathtaking moment when I looked up from the cobblestone street and saw a 15th-century marvel in front of me. As we go on this adventure together, I will include photos

of these landmarks, myself, the food, and much more. Ah, I almost forgot about the cuisine. Did you know that Strasbourg has 21 restaurants that have received a Michelin star in their lifetime? More about that the next time we talk, À bientôt!

Le Début

By Kyle Kath

In a world so small, I find it hard to get lost,

Being mindful that time is my only true cost.

As I land in this new country, it gives me a shove,

To get back to what I know and live the life I love.

France, what a country, what a sight,

I can’t contain my eagerness with all my might.

How can anyone put a price on trying new things?

Every day I wake up with anticipation of what the day brings.

So here I am walking the streets, riding the bus, and getting tossed,

All the while realizing that time is our only true cost.

Walking around and seeing a culture I love dearly,

I am starting to see France more clearly.

The people are fancy and quite polite,

The first I expected, and the second was to my delight.

My adventure is now in full swing, and I have a constant grin,

It’s exciting to think that this is how this chapter will begin.

So as my initial adrenaline turns into exhaust,

I must remind myself that even here in Alsace, time is the only true cost.