Making French Friends

By: Angela Cote

At school at home in the States, it’s easy to get stuck in my daily routine and forget to try and step out of it every once in a while. But here, I have been making it my daily goal to leave my routine in America and step out of my shell every day. And I am so glad I have. The conversations I’ve been able to have been invaluable. In fact, I have gotten the chance to speak with many students my age. Some of them are from our program but some of them are the people I have met by chance in Strasbourg while just going out into the city!

Getting to connect with people from all around the world and from all different walks of life is such a unique privilege and such a cool experience to be able to have. I think one of the most important lessons I have learned through this experience so far is that yes, we are all very different. But at the end of the day, we are all human.

We all laugh, we all love, and we all cry. I think it is very important to learn about each other’s differences so that we can understand one another better. But it is also equally important to realize that somewhere deep down, we all have something that brings us all together. With that being said, step out of your comfort zone and talk to someone new! Trust me, it’s worth it. I even have a few French friends now, including one furry one who is pictured below!